[afnog] NetFlow Statistics Collector

Phil Regnauld regnauld at x0.dk
Thu Jan 18 13:16:42 UTC 2007

Jeroen Massar (jeroen) writes:
> Every tool comes at a different price (some 100K+ US ;) and has
> different things it can do. As such there is not an easy way to say "get
> this as it does what you want". If you can tell what exactly you are
> trying to measure or figure out, then I can probably hint you which apps
> are most suited for your needs.
> Most of them are SUSE based, most of them though are also commercial.
> Check the SWITCH url for quite some non-commercial ones too.

	Just a note:

	Unless you know *precisely* what you are looking for, I would suggest
	to start with open source tools, to grasp the concepts of netflow,
	what it can and cannot do.

	Only then does it make sense to buy a product from a vendor who, it
	is our experience, knows less than you do about the technology
	(we developed netflow analyzers, we should know :)

	Note that FreeBSD has a built-in ng_netflow module which allows it
	to act as a probe as well.  Very useful with span port / port mirroring
	on a decent switch.

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