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Before you go ahead to redesign your networks or start new ones, fundamental questions should be asked. Such includes


1.    What’s the primary purpose of the network. To connect to campus to the internet or to connect campus to campus

2.    What applications are you interested in?

3.    What’s the roadmap in terms of technologies for the network? Are you starting with the LAN, wireless, datacenter implementations etc.


After all of these is done, make sure your design obey the fundamental laws of

1.    Modularity

2.    Security

3.    Reliability

4.    Flexibility and Agility


Use the link below as a start to solving problems.






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Dear Benjamin,

                      14mb for 2000 students(excluding staff); that will be about 3kbps per user..well its fair enough hoping that all the 2000 will not be online at once. and meanwhile is this 14mb dedicated? we are currently in planning that in my campus also; we have 4 Campuses(2 major campus with about 30km apart). We plan to start with the 2 major Campus, 1 with about 20000people and the other 10000people including staff, students and relations. Here is what we figured out after ower plan:


1 For a start 50mb will be shared with btw the 2 campus.

2. The 2 campus will be connected via some E1 lines(serial link) and then to the isp (we will run gre over ipsec site-to-site vpn) so that other protocols can go through the VPN such as routes

3. From our research wavion wireless devices was our choice of deploying wireless services, our decision was based on cost and coverage, but if you need better security and management and cost is not a problem, i will suggest you go for cisco devices.

4. As u can see that our bandwidth is quite small so we will be implementing bandwitdh management like 64k down and 32k up during peak time.

5 We also hope to bring in our web server and and mail server

6. In other to utilise our small bandwidth, we are using AsterisksNow for our voip server, this will enable us have reason to discourage using internet voips


We are entering the implementation stage and i think we can further share with one another since we have a similar senerio and environment.






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	Hi Folks,
	Thanks for the response on the network connectivity issue
	I'm redesigning my campus network to accommodate  2000 students, 200 faculty and staff to be very efficient and security wise stable. I have about 14MB of Internet bandwidth to share to my clients both wired (copper 100/1000) and wireless.
	We have a main site and a remote site 1km away
	I would be grateful if anybody who has been in similar situation could share best practice and experience with me. 
	Best regards,



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