[afnog] [NANOG] NREN Network Design

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Mon Feb 1 19:52:56 UTC 2010

Tarig Yassin Adam (tarig) writes:
> I'm try to redesign the Sudanese NREN (National Research & Education
> Network). we provide end to end service,to our customers. Our network
> is build over local ISPs. But the problem of the current design that
> each time we need to go back to the ISP to change our Infrastructure
> IP addresses, when the situation need this.How can solve this? I heard
> about something called Virtual Network Environment which give us the
> full control of ISP routers, is it the best solution? What about
> others NRENs.Thanks

	Hello Tarig,

	(Cc:ed to AFNOG list)

	Can you be a bit more specific about your network design ?
	As I understand it, you have multiple sites, which can be connected
	to different ISPs.  As a result, your IP addressing plan is dependent
	on the IPs that the local ISP will allocate to your site/customer --
	is this correct ?

	I'm not sure what you call a Virtual Network Environment, but I can
	think of several methods, depending on how much control you have over
	the local site -- from using VPNs (Virtual Private Network), or "tunnels"
	over the existing infrastructure, and deploy your own IP addressing
	scheme over that, to applying to Afrinic to get your own IP address
	block, etc...

	Any additional information you might have that would help us in
	understanding your setup is welcome.

	Phil Regnauld

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