[afnog] Signing root zone

Frank Habicht geier at geier.ne.tz
Thu Nov 6 15:05:37 UTC 2008

I support this statement.

And I promise to learn more about DNSSEC when or before the root zone 
gets signed.
But I think DLV is only a short term measure caused by lack of signed 
root zone (and other zones). So I don't support DLV and wish to have the 
real thing instead.


McTim wrote:
> Since comments are due on November 24, 2008, I think we would have to 
> agree on a short, non-controversial statement about this before Mauritius.
> I suggest this text:
> "The African Network Operators Group urges the DNSSEC signing of the 
> root zone file for the security and stability of the Internet and for 
> it's users.
> As network operators, we realize that we have a role to play in securing 
> the Internet for the users of our networks.  DNSSEC implementation at 
> the root will make the task of deploying DNSSEC on our networks easier."

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