[afnog] Monitor ethernet bandwith utilisation on Cisco switch

Meuyou Noumba isaacpimp at yahoo.fr
Mon Nov 3 14:43:26 UTC 2008

By manage I mean bandwidth allocation and restriction per port; Qos, and packet filer.

It's MRTG works for any type of cisco router?

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On Monday 03 November 2008 17:09:05 Meuyou Noumba wrote:

> Please I just want to monitor and manage the bandwidth
> utilization on the ports of my switch.
> I want to use a cisco switch.
> I need advice.

For monitoring, I recommend using SNMP with MRTG or Cacti.

For bandwidth management, well, depending on the type of 
Cisco switch, the QoS features available to the platform 
will determine how granular you can manage the bandwidth.

More features translates to higher cost, as Cisco Catalyst 
switches typically forward traffic (and perform QoS) in 

In my experience, some QoS features in Cisco switches 
(particularly the desktop models) may appear, but don't 
actually take once configured.

Perhaps you may explain, further, what it is you are trying 
to achieve. Are you trying to manage LAN bandwidth, or do 
you want to use the switch to control the amount of 
bandwidth your users get to the Internet?

Do you plan to use the switch as a Layer 3 device (so-called 
Layer 3 switch)?



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