[afnog] Channelising E1s

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Hi Peter

This is not a definitive response to your problem but just some elements which can contribuate to understand what you are facing to.

The first problem is to know what type of Modulation your system uses: TDMA, FDMA, FDM, OFDM...? It is very important... i.e. if it is TDMA, only 1 timeslot (not 4) is really used in a given time (even if it is a veru short time)...so durint that time you have not 64kx4...

A service pipe (guaranteed 512k for exemple) is linked to many others features. Mainly it is linked to A GIVEN QoS type(RT, NRT...CIR/MIR). In you case it seems you want to link your 512k pipe to 4 QoSs!

If your system can provide a '512k QoS', then set a pipe using this QoS; using the RT type if you need a symetrical flow Up/Down.


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  Hi good people,


  I would like some help, when provisioning a customer who has requested for 512Kpbs i.e. 256K Up/256 Down, I allocate 4 timeslots i.e. 64k * 4 = 256K knowing this is full duplex so it becomes 256k * 2 = 512K. But my problem is; the customer doesn't seem to reach the whole 512K total Up and Down. My question is; should I be allocating 8 timeslots for a 256K UP / 256K DOWN customer to make sure there is a guaranteed 512K pipe? Or there is another problem I should investigate.


  Please give me some advice on this.




  Peter Muhumuza


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