[afnog] afnog.org mailing list archives

Hervey Allen hervey at nsrc.org
Mon Mar 19 20:08:30 UTC 2007

When we moved servers for afnog.org last year the old mailing list 
archives came across. I have integrated them, more or less, to the 
current archives. These are archives are in a different format, so 
there is simply a link to them from the main AfNOG mailing list 
archive page.

If you go to:


you'll see the link. The direct address is:


You must log in with your email address and password for the 
afnog at afnog.org mailing list to view these archives. As email 
addresses were visible I did a global replace on "@" with " at ".

The archives cover the dates May 2000 up to October 2003.

	- Hervey

Hervey Allen      Network Startup Resource Center
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