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Mon Mar 19 14:00:09 UTC 2007

On Monday 19 March 2007 14:53, Mohamed Lemine Ould Mohamed Vadel 

> Hi,

Hello. Please reply to the list.

> It's not un ATM, it weel be un STM-1 over SDH.

In that case, you are probably looking for the PA-POS-OC3.

Note that the PA-POS-OC3 was EoS'ed on 31st July, 2006. But that's 
not a show-stopper. Upgrade path for this is the PA-POS-2OC3 (dual 
port), but unless you really need the additional features, I 
wouldn't suggest it at this stage.

You will need to find out what physical interface your service 
provider will be presenting in order to get the right SFP. There 
are 3 types; multi-mode (MM), single-mode intermediate reach 
(SM-IR) and single-mode long reach (SM-LR).

Also remember that the PA-POS-OC3 requires 300 bandwidth points from 
the 7200-VXR bus.

Here are links to the best documentation I could find on this PA:


Hope this helps.

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