[afnog] FreeBSD incomplete boot problem

Antonio Godinho antonio at nambu.uem.mz
Wed May 26 09:31:35 EAT 2004

I am quite sure that it isn´t a postfix problem because the postfix is 
actually already started at that point, it is something that is 
supposed to start after that and isn´t anything in the rc.d dir since 
after a ctrl-c all the rc.d services start successfully.


> antonio at nambu.uem.mz wrote:
> > It wouldn't be a problem if the services already started, but since
> > only postfix starts and none of the rc.d scripts start then you have
> > to go physically to the server and press ctrl-c for the rest to
> > load, that's what I am trying to avoid so that everytime the machine
> > is rebooted due to several reasons like power outages, I need to go
> > physically there and press ctrl-c.
> Have you checked that DNS is working from the viewpoint of 
> your box? That is that if you've statically assigned an IP 
> address to your box that the resulting hostname lookup from 
> the DNS server in use works? Reverse DNS lookup as well? 
> And/or that in /etc/hosts the entries are correct?
> I don't know postfix's boot process well enough to know 
> exactly what it expects to get back, but this sounds like a 
> DNS timeout to me (as Phil noted earlier).
> G'luck!
> - Hervey Allen

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