[afnog] Re: listserv2.cfi.co.ug DNS

Begumisa Gerald M begg at psg.com
Wed May 26 13:02:26 EAT 2004

Hi Brian,

Thanks for catching that.  We took down the spice.eahd.or.ug machine and
spice.eahd.or.ug. will temporarily resolve to the same IP address as
ip.cfi.co.ug. We're putting up another machine that will take up that name
(but with a different IP address).

The name server on ip.cfi.co.ug. was having a few issues.  I've taken care
of this (among other load issues).

Thanks again.


On Tue, 25 May 2004, Brian Candler wrote:

> listserv2.cfi.co.ug (where the afnog mailing list is held) is very slow to
> resolve at the moment.
> The nameservers for the domain cfi.co.ug are:
> cfi.co.ug.              4H IN NS        spice.eahd.or.ug.
> cfi.co.ug.              4H IN NS        ip.cfi.co.ug.
> cfi.co.ug.              4H IN NS        wawa.eahd.or.ug.
> ip.cfi.co.ug.           5h59m14s IN A
> wawa.eahd.or.ug.        4H IN A
> spice.eahd.or.ug.       4H IN A
> Two of those three nameservers are both, and that machine is
> not responding:
> $ dig +norec @ listserv2.cfi.co.ug. a
> ; <<>> DiG 8.3 <<>> @ listserv2.cfi.co.ug. a
> ; (1 server found)
> ;; res options: init recurs defnam dnsrch
> ;; res_nsend: Operation timed out
> It does respond to pings; however I get timeouts for DNS queries. Perhaps
> there is some packet filtering going on?
> Regards,
> Brian.

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