[afnog] deploy2.net - announcement / request for feedback

Brian Candler B.Candler at pobox.com
Fri Feb 5 22:16:09 UTC 2010

[My apologies if the following is considered commercial or off-topic]

There was discussion here a little while ago about IP address management
software - things like ipplan, opennetadmin etc.

In my spare time I've been developing a web application for managing IP
addresses and server inventory.  The idea came from an in-house project at
my current employer for generating and loading configs onto an estate of
ADSL routers, and indeed this sort of config management is something I would
hope to add.

The project is at a stage where it's reasonably functional, at least as a
simple IP/asset database, and I'd like to expose it to a wider audience.  I
therefore invite my friends at AFNOG to try it out and let me know whether
it's something you might find useful in your organisation, either in its
current form or if certain changes were made.

It's a web service, so you just sign up for an account on-line and start
using it.  The home page is http://www.deploy2.net/ - any modern browser
should be OK (which means not IE6)

Both IPv4 and IPv6 are supported, as well as VRFs (overlapping address
spaces) and an interactive tree view, but with a very simple flat data

My aim is to get as much feedback as possible, to help me decide whether
there is a future in this idea, or to start doing something else instead :-)

Kind regards,

Brian Candler.

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