[afnog] Channelising E1s

muhump at mtn.co.ug muhump at mtn.co.ug
Tue Jul 8 06:55:31 UTC 2008

Hi good people,

I would like some help, when provisioning a customer who has requested for 512Kpbs i.e. 256K Up/256 Down, I allocate 4 timeslots i.e. 64k * 4 = 256K knowing this is full duplex so it becomes 256k * 2 = 512K. But my problem is; the customer doesn't seem to reach the whole 512K total Up and Down. My question is; should I be allocating 8 timeslots for a 256K UP / 256K DOWN customer to make sure there is a guaranteed 512K pipe? Or there is another problem I should investigate.

Please give me some advice on this.


Peter Muhumuza
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