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Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Wed Mar 7 13:50:38 UTC 2007

Randy Bush wrote:
>> Advanced - Environnment Variables - 
>> In System Variable  edit path and ADD YOUR NEW PATH
> works excellently!  thank you!
> for next stupid unix geek lost in windows question.

Same concept as on most unices, except that they tend to ignore arp
conflicts. Fortunately the IPv6 stacks do DAD correctly, though it does
cause that the address becomes unavailable which can be very annoying
and a very easy way to perform a dos, 802.1x to the rescue ;)

> i was hacking around in vmware interfaces or something and seem to
> have confused some things.  i get a task bar popup with
>    Windows - System Error
>    There is an IP address conflict with 
>    another system on the network

Do you have 2 VM's with the same static IP address? Or vmware is
forwarding the ARP query. When there is an ARP for an IP and there are 2
responses, windows loses out as it will disable that IP due to a ARP
conflict (great way btw to get windows boxes of a network ;)

Try running a Wireshark on the interface that is giving problems and
filter for ARP queries, then ping the IP that is causing issues and you
should see more than 1 ARP response coming in.

Quick solution: change the IP address of the local box.


PS: /me remembers something of sending an ARP collision to a Windows
Domain Controller, which caused the box to bluescreen. Windows "Server"
handles ARP a bit differently than "workstation" versions... ;)

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