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Jean Robert HOUNTOMEY - ISERVICES hrobert at iservices.tg
Wed Mar 7 07:23:40 UTC 2007

Don't know but may be you can try

- start - run
- type in CMD to open a command prompt
- type ipconfig /all

to see all the interface , IP address and Network informations.

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>> Advanced - Environnment Variables - 
>> In System Variable  edit path and ADD YOUR NEW PATH
> works excellently!  thank you!
> for next stupid unix geek lost in windows question.
> i was hacking around in vmware interfaces or something and seem to
> have confused some things.  i get a task bar popup with
>   Windows - System Error
>   There is an IP address conflict with 
>   another system on the network
> i have looked at each interface in ControlPanel/NetworkConnections
> and no two have the same address.  the external interface, whether
> in tokyo today on wired, or in nusa dua on wireless, or on airplane
> with no external interface, all look normal and have no conflicts.
> how do i find out which ip address or which interfaces are in
> conflict?
> randy

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