[afnog] NetFlow Statistics Collector

Mark Tinka mtinka at africaonline.co.zw
Thu Jan 18 13:09:52 UTC 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 14:50, musoket at mtn.co.ug wrote:

> I'm thinking of using CISCO's NetFlow for traffic flow analysis
> and collecting VOIP information. Has anyone out there used it?
> What NetFlow collector would you recommend that I use on  a SUSE
> box to process the data exported from the router?

We use:

* Collector - Flow-Tools with Cflow patch
* Processor - FlowScan with FlowScan.pm patch
* Reporter  - JKFlow

This is all on FreeBSD but should work on SuSE.

We found JKFlow to be highly configurable - at a basic level, you 
may start off with simple i/o flows, and then do more complex 
things like network-to-network, AS-to-AS, interface-to-interface, 
e.t.c. monitoring.

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