[afnog] Licensed Frequency radio with point to multipoint facilities

Mamoudou Keita mkeita at unicef.org
Wed Sep 1 11:04:30 EAT 2004

Hi ! Mensah,

Radio communication is very sensitive. So getting licensed  frequency can
be thoughtful as some time regulator think it's National Security concern.

You can just let them know clearly what type of communication you are
looking for, as this range of frequence for wireless is  well know by your
If you are using Internet access trough Wireless (point to multipoint).
You must  specified the nature of equipment on your network,  the coverage
and distance (short or long distance).

From these information your regulatory will certainly give you
authorization to use your network with licensed frequency.


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Hi All,

I am looking for a Licensed frequency radios with point to multipoint
feactures. I searched on the internet and could not get point to multipoint
feactures.  I only get point to point feactures. That is why I have decided
to find out from the group if someone know about this and can direct me to
a web site.

Thank You.


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