[afnog] afnog.org backup MX's are bouncing

Begumisa Gerald M beg_g at eahd.or.ug
Thu Oct 21 17:49:50 EAT 2004


I'll take responsibility for this.  Sorry about this problem.

    > Mail to afnog at afnog.org is being rejected when it hits
    > 'ensim.cfi.co.ug' with a 'relaying denied' error - see bounce
    > attached.
    > Of these four MX records, gemin.cfi.co.ug does not have a A record,
    > ensim at cfi.co.ug rejects mail to afnog at afnog.org with 'relay denied',
    > and so does ip.cfi.co.ug

- "gemin.cfi.co.ug" should be "gemini.cfi.co.ug" - typo probably. I'll see
  that its corrected

- I've had ip.cfi.co.ug fixed

- I'll recommend that ensim.cfi.co.ug be removed


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