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>         this might be useful for the afrinic & afnog folks
>         to consider.  if you think it would be helpful, please
>         forward to folks whom might benefit.
>         ----------------------------------------------------
>         with the bind-9.3.0 code generally available, i'd like to
>         invite each of you to consider the following two invitations:
>         ) attending a DNSSEC operations training session during the
>           upcoming ICANN mtg in Cape Town.
>         ) participating in the persistant DNSSEC testbed.
>         The cape town session is expected to focus on changes to the
>         BIND code base from previous releases, key exchange between
>         parent and child, key management, and key rollover.
>         It will be a hands on session, targeted to engineers and operators
>         who maintain the zone data and are responsible for its accuracy, as
>         well as the server administrators who publish the data.
>         if there is interest, please send a brief note to <bmanning at ep.net>
>         indicating interest.
>--bill manning

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