[afnog] FreeBSD incomplete boot problem

Hervey Allen hervey at nsrc.org
Tue May 25 13:11:03 EAT 2004

antonio at nambu.uem.mz wrote:
> It wouldn't be a problem if the services already started, but since 
> only postfix starts and none of the rc.d scripts start then you have 
> to go physically to the server and press ctrl-c for the rest to load, 
> that's what I am trying to avoid so that everytime the machine is 
> rebooted due to several reasons like power outages, I need to go 
> physically there and press ctrl-c.

Have you checked that DNS is working from the viewpoint of 
your box? That is that if you've statically assigned an IP 
address to your box that the resulting hostname lookup from 
the DNS server in use works? Reverse DNS lookup as well? 
And/or that in /etc/hosts the entries are correct?

I don't know postfix's boot process well enough to know 
exactly what it expects to get back, but this sounds like a 
DNS timeout to me (as Phil noted earlier).


- Hervey Allen

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