[afnog] FreeBSD incomplete boot problem

sematin at mtn.co.ug sematin at mtn.co.ug
Tue May 25 12:41:17 EAT 2004

Have you installed any cutom rc scripts of your own to start particular
services? Perhaps these scripts do not exit properly and thus keep the system
waiting for them to finish executing when they are actually through.

Check all your scripts in /usr/local/etc/rc.d for exit codes. You could even
try running them manually one by one and see which one does not return your
prompt back when you run it. I doubt they are that many so this should be


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> Hi all,
> I have a FreeBSD 5.0 which always stops during boot when it is 
> supposed to load the rc scripts which are located at 
> /usr/local/etc/rc.d, has anyone seen this problem before? I 
> just can't 
> figure out what the system is doing or waiting for, it just 
> stops there 
> and won't finish the boot process until you give it a Ctrl-C, 
> at which 
> time it will successfully finish booting and loads all the rc 
> services.
> Cheers,
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