[afnog] UPDATE:Problems with a Mail server with 2 routers running OSPF

Zeimm Auladin zeimm at auladin.com
Mon May 10 10:14:48 EAT 2004

Hi all,

After more investigation, we've found that we actually had three problems, 
first a virus on the LAN  caused the initial the Lotus Notes server to stop 
opening ports for connection thus giving the 'server not responding' 
response. We then implemented reflexive access-lists on the 2 routers that 
were running OSPF and connection to one main site router to keep the virus 
on the LAN until it was removed and those access-lists then caused 
connection problems from the site.
The main site router was not sending packets back onto the same router that 
the PC connection originated from and were hence being dropped. That was 
the second problem.
For some reason which is still unknown the server was reacting to these bad 
connections by intermittently dropping all connections. That's the third issue.

I'm concerned about how to make this architecture work well since the ip 
route cache on the main site Cisco router does not seem to be working 

  	 _______ SITE ROUTER 1(OSPF- 2 subinterfaces-1 DLCI on each main site FR 
line)  ---- gateway for half of LAN PCs

MAIN SITE ROUTER (OSPF-2 serial connections to 2 FR lines)

	_______SITE ROUTER 2(OSPF- 2 subinterfaces-1 DLCI on each main site FR 
line) -----gateway for half of LAN PCs

Any suggestions on what to implement  this architecture with reflexive 
access-lists on each site router?

Thanks and regards,

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